About Us


Netliquor is South Africa's leading online liquor shop and bottle store selling a wide variety of booze online in South Africa. We offer one of the widest ranges of beer, wine, whiskey, champagne, sparkling wine, shooters, tequila, vodka to order online for your convenience.

We offer coporate accounts and bulk discounts on all liquor orders, upon request and acccept credit card payments and bank transfers.

Have you ever been too busy to get to the bottle store? Tied up at work, running low on booze at a party, planning a corporate function, coporate event, birthday, bachelors, bachelorettes or wedding and you find buying liquor a mission?

Netliquor is making buying booze easy. Order Liquor online, we’ll deliver your  beer or wine order to your door step. Order ahead for the weekend or have a last minute braai without worrying. Pop online and order your liquor. Wait two hours. Done.

We deliver Monday to Saturday between 09h00 and 17h00. All liquor orders are scheduled on the website and we will endeavour to deliver within the time frame you stipulate.

Our delivery process is fast, simple, not to mention convenient and affordable. All you need to do is log onto our site, become a Netliquor member, place your liquor order and you are ready to let the good times flow. Order your favourite Wine Online, Buy Beer, or order whsikey at your fingertips.

Leave it up to us and we’ll deliver your liquor order straight to your doorstep!


“Our company has been ordering from netliquor for the last three years! Netliquor has been an absolute breeze to work with and their customer service and attention to detail is exceptional. I highly recommend the service for any occasion! ”


“Discovering Netliquor was a dream come true. I no longer have to schlep to the local liquor store and carry cases of Beer or Wine to my car. Click Click and all the neccessary items are in my cart and ready for the party. The service is phenomenal. I am a proud ambassador of this fine company! ”